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do an animorphs thingy but with tsukiyama and a trash can


i was too lazy to do the animorphs edit but i think this is just as accurate

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i did a reading of the best fanfic ever made

Sppedwaggan larghed.
” Heheheheah.” he said, swalowing zappeni’s hat whole. Zapperli zfreams and punch him in the ass. Spedwortegen made and fart out zucchini’s hat back out.
" Good." Zuopi sniffed, purting him hat back on. Johnathan laffed, clapping his hands.
" I like magic." he saud. " Do another."
Zapoopa smiled.
"Okay." He said, and reached into his hat and pulle ouut a hamon cchesse snadwich. Jonah barked and slithered over to him and ate the sansitch. Speedweed beginned to cry because he wanted one two. Jonintendo felt so bad ford him he thrown up half of the sondwich up out of his tum.
"Frends has to share." He nodded. Sperdwhale maked a laugh and fucked jonan right inj the pussy. Erin was watch and get madf. But it were too late.
" I am in mpregs now." sas jobathan and just then, goirgio armani appear straight from his butt.
" I am ready to fuck bithces." say digornio.
"I say." speelewheel remark. "that am my boy."
"No am," georg sai, shacking him heads. " mine daddy am a WRRRRRRY."
"shut ur whore mouth." Johnson tell him, buyt before he could, Dio crash throughthe ceelinh and land on zapanini, killing him all at once.
" OH NO A WRRRY!" Screem Johnny Test, as speddgaggan go over ans eat zeropani’s hat agin.
"Papa!" Sads Goronio, standing up.
" Ams me. The dio." Duo said.
" fuk u deo." said jone. " no w zeppelin is died."
"yeah but he’s sexier this way." pointed out a dio. tey stared at zatarni’s broke corpse.
"yeah but still…" jornat said madly. " now he can’t do sandwciche magic."
"who care tho?" dyo snrt. " he can’t not make the pb and j."
" yeah but urs ugly." jownathen siad and fart so bad it killed dio right away.



Like srsly tho. There’s no way they can hear each other from such a far distance. 




when the two smartest kids in the class get different answers



So I looked trough my SSBB-snapshots and found this..


Tsukishima’s such a little shit


We are we are we are we are hey FUTURE FISH wake wake wake wake up

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